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Deansteel Manufacturing Company has produced Blast Resistant Doors, Frames and Windows since 2004.  Our blast resistant door products are capable of withstanding a broad range of potential blast loads.  Our DSLB-1 product covers very low blast pressures up to 2 psi for all blast durations.  Currently at the top of our blast resistant door offerings is our DSLB-6 product.  The DSLB-6 products can withstand peak blast pressures in excess of 50 psi for short duration blast events.  Also, a DSLB door configuration can be selected to comply with the requirements of UFC 4-010-01 "DoD Minimum Anti-Terrorism Standards for Buildings" on a project specific basis.

All of our blast resistant door products have been evaluated by shock tube testing and/or engineering analysis conducted by an independent, world recognized, engineering firm with expertise in blast resistance engineering.  Deansteel does not rely on in-house calculations for life-critical decisions when it comes to the blast resistance capabilities of our products.

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UFC 4-010-01 (2012) Blast Door(s) RFQ