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Deansteel Manufacturing Company has produced Blast Resistant Doors, Frames and Windows since 2004. Our blast resistant windows withstand a wide range of blast loads, and they comply with the requirements of UFC 4-010-01 "DoD Minimum Anti-Terrorism Standards for Buildings". Our window assemblies have been evaluated by Baker Engineering & Risk Consultants and found to "provide a medium level of protection to building occupants for GSA Level C, GSA Level D, and DoD Minimum Antiterrorism blast loads over a range of window sizes."

Window assemblies can range up to a 5' x 8' size with either a single pane of laminated glazing or Insulated Glass Units.  They can be installed with a variety of anchors to meet wall conditions, or they can be welded into a structural steel sub-frame for higher projected blast loading conditions.

The BakerRisk evaluation "focused on providing a GSA Performance Condition 2 or ASTM 'Minimal Hazard' response rating with the window frame, recommended glazing designs, and anchorage designs."

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