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60 Years - 1958 to 2018
 return fire windows, steel package passers, deal Trays

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Deansteel also manufactures custom products such as these Return Fire Windows which were designed and fabricated for guard towers at several military bases around the country. These were designed with pneumatically assisted opening for when a threat requires the ability to quickly return fire. They are manufactured from 12 gauge cold rolled steel with ballistic plate as required. Frames are thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized to inhibit corrosion and increase paint adherence. A one coat primer provides further protection from corrosion and serves as an excellent base for field painting. Return Fire Windows can be sold with or without bullet resistant glass clad polycarbonate tested to all levels set forth by UL-752, NIJ 0108.01, and ASTM F-1233. Flush panels and fixed window configurations are also available.

Also shown here are our transparent and all steel package passers designed to allow packages to be transferred without compromising security. The transparent passer is made from UL-752 rated acrylic and the all steel package passer is made from 12 gauge cold rolled steel with stainless steel as an option. Both the acrylic and all steel package passers have automatic door closers and door interlock mechanisms which provide ballistic protection when one door is open.

16 gauge stainless steel deal trays are sold with or without counter tops for the passage of smaller transactions. We also offer ricochet proof deal trays as an option.