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60 Years - 1958 to 2018
Hollow Metal Steel Door Construction
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Deansteel standard doors are constructed of 16 [1.3mm], 18 [1.0mm] or 20 [.08mm] gauge cold-rolled stretcher level quality steel and are full flush construction 1-3/8" [35mm] or 1-3/4" [45mm] thick. Door skins are brake formed at the edges and spot welded to 16 [1.3mm] gauge perimeter channels.

7 [4.3mm] gauge combination standard/heavy weight hinge reinforcements are projection welded to a one piece, full height channel. Internal lock reinforcements are spot welded to the door. Doors have vertical seams on edges. Seamless doors (edges filled and ground) are also available.
The standard core is a polystyrene slab core. It is bonded under pressure to both door skins with a continuous coat of pressure sensitive adhesive. After doors are thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized to inhibit corrosion, doors receive one coat of primer. Deansteel doors have square edges and are non-handed. Handing is accomplished with hinge filler plates. Also available on custom orders are doors constructed of zinc-coated sheets and stainless steel sheets.

Hardware preparations for standard doors include:
  • Lock Preparation
    • 1-3/8" [35mm] - L1 Government 160 cylindrical with 2-3/4" [70mm] backset (ANSI-A115.2)
    • 1-3/4" [45mm] - L1 Government 161 cylindrical with 2-3/4" [70mm] backset (ANSI-A115.2)
    • MB - Government 86 mortise at door edge only. (ANSI-A115.1) Door faces are blank.
  • Hinge Preparation
    • 1/4" [6mm] backset on doors.
    • 1 3/8" [35mm] 6'-8" [2032mm] high 1 pair 3 1/2" [89mm] regular wt.
    • 1 3/8" [35mm] 7'-0" [2134mm] high 1 1/2 pair 3 1/2" [89mm] regular wt.
    • 1 3/4" [45mm] 6'-8" [2032mm] & 7'-0" [2134mm] high 1 1/2 pair 4 1/2" [113mm] regular wt.
    • 1 3/4" [45mm] 8'-0" [2438mm] high 2 pair 4 1/2"* [113mm] regular wt.
    Hinge preparations are for full mortise template hinges.
*4 1/2 [113mm] standard weight hinge reinforcements are easily modified to accept 4 1/2" [113mm] heavy weight hinges.