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Hollow Metal Specialty DOOR Frames - DRYWALL FRAMES
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Deansteel offers a variety of specialty frames to meet your specific needs.

Drywall Frames
Deansteel drywall frames are designed to be installed after partition walls are in place. The variety of throat openings available allow the drywall frame to be used with almost any condition of metal or wood stud and partition board.

DW Series frames are manufactured from 16 Ga. [1.3mm] cold rolled steel. Frames are knocked-down with double returns, mitered corners at head and jambs, corners reinforced with concealed clips.

Each jamb has compression anchor and pre punched mounting holes for easy installation. Frames are prepared for 1-1/2" pari 4-1/2" [113mm] hinges and ASA(4-7/8") [124mm] strike. Mortar covers for hinge reinforcements are optional. Frames come with standard coat of gray rust inhibiting primer.
Minimum Hardware Requirements
Hinge Reinforcement for 4-1/2"[113mm] hinges 7 Gauge [4.3mm]
Hinge Reinforcement for 3-1/2" [89mm] hinges 10 Gauge [3.4mm]
Closer Reinforcements 12 Gauge [2.5mm]
Strike Reinforcements 14 Gauge [1.7mm]
Surface Mounted Hardware 12 Gauge [2.5mm]
Custom Frames

Custom frames are available in a variety of special jamb depths, face widths and sizes. They are available in 14 Ga. [1.7mm] and 16 Ga. [1.3mm], either in cold-rolled, galvanized, or stainless steel construction.

UL and WH/ITS labeled frames are available. (Stock jambs have UL embossed label on each hinge jamb.)

*4-1/2"[113mm] standard weight hinge reinforcements are easily modified to accept 4-1/2"[113mm] heavy weight hinges.