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Deansteel Manufacturing Compnay
60 Years - 1958 to 2018
Heavy Duty Paint Lockers with single or double doors
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Paint Locker

  1. Heavy duty paint lockers that are portable but easily anchored to the deck.
  2. Lifting lugs and fork lift channels are provided for moving lockers.
  3. Lockers with either single or double side hinged doors are available.
  4. Fabricated from either cold rolled steel or corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel in 1/8 to 3/16 inch thickness.
  5. Powder coating finish standard on cold rolled steel lockers, and optional on stainless steel units.
  6. Heavy duty 304 stainless steel cam bar levers that can be pad locked.
  7. Lockers have integral seals for weather tight performance.
  8. USCG approved CO2 fire suppression system is optional.
  9. Customized to fit any application (size or features).